Tok Tok 面 Uncle

(转载至:The Biscuit Tin)

制作组在短片中访问了曾经卖 Tok Tok 面的大叔,了解了敲击竹筒的秘诀和当年卖面的情景。



In the 1960s, Mr. Tan Teck Wee, 64, worked as a tok-tok mee hawker’s assistant as his parents could not afford to send him to school and he had to help support his huge family.

Noodles were sold in a unique manner and Mr. Tan shows us how it was done, back in the good old days. He reveals the various musical rhythms that represented the different types of noodles being sold and willingly shares with us the history that lies beneath the skill.

At present, Mr. Tan works at the Newton Food Centre and he often tickles his customers’ bones with his admirable singing skills.

Legacy: Mr. Tan demonstrates how to make and use the bamboo instrument, which was the signature of the tok-tok mee hawker – a trade that has vanished in Singapore.


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